Are you living in COSTA RICA but you do not speak SPANISH yet?

No worries, from this moment you could be one of the persons who can take advantage of the opening of our special program to learn spanish with our 5 finger Instant Spanish System.

Other students decided to take it, and now they are enjoying speak Spanish.

Do you want to join us?

The situation

We know there are many people living in Costa Rica for different reasons, and many of them do not speak Spanish. Even some of them have more than 30 years living here and they only speak english. We know, learn a new language is a big challenge, and this is a decision sometimes we do not want to take !!

The solution

What about if I tell you, that with your 5 fingers you can start to learn and speak Spanish, and after few weeks you are going to be able to communicate in Spanish? Sounds crazy, but it is true !!

After many years teaching Spanish, Alex and I, we developed our 5 Finger Instant Spanish System. With only your 5 fingers you are going to be able to make sentences in Spanish. Of course, the system require to follow a process, but it is very practical and functional, and the most important is many of our students are speaking spanish after they learned it !!

What we want to do?

We want to invite you to participate in our 16 hours Spanish Program in JUNE 2017, where we are going to TEACH YOU how you can learn and speak spanish with our 5 finger Spanish Instant System !!

Information about our 4 hours Seminar

  • Date of the Event

    Saturday 18th, March, 2017

  • What time the event starts?

    9:00 am to 01:00 pm

  • Where is the event?

    Spanish School for Residents and Expats
    San Rafael de Escazú, Calle La Primavera

  • Seminar Fee

    $ 25.00 per person

  • About the payment

    In cash or banking transfer

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