Finally! An Easy Way to Speak Spanish and you only need your FIVE fingers to do it!

Since the first day we open our School, we have been teaching Spanish to our students a proven and easy learning system. We give our students the tools they need to overcome language barriers in a fast and enjoyable way.

After more than 10 years teaching Spanish, Alex and I have developed our 5 finger Instant Spanish System. After four weeks using this system, you will to be able to speak Spanish and enjoy going to restaurants, shopping, traveling, and many more things in the local community. Hundreds of students are speaking Spanish now after they learned with our Spanish Program.

It is real, easy and funtional !!

Totally recommended for students at beginner level !

Information about our next FIVE FINGER Spanish Program

  • What is the duration of the program?

    The program is designed to take 4 weeks of classes. After this first four weeks, the student have the option to continue with the next step in the program.

  • Schedule of classes

    – Days of classes: Monday and Wednesday

    – Classes start at 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm

  • How many days and hours of classes?

    – 2 days of classes per week – 8 days per month

    – 2 hours lesson per day (1h45min real time)

    – 16 hours of classes during the month

  • Dates of classes

    – Classes start on: Monday 03th, July, 2017

    – 03th-05th / 10th-12th / 17th-19th  / 24th-26th July /

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After this day the price of the Spanish Program will be the full price !

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